Message from President & Chairman of Board

Tifar Holding was established in 1984. It has been a journey through a long and winding road, but in the graces of God and the support of all parties, we have succeeded to be where we are now.

Our remarkable success, about which we have always been optimistic, is much attributed to our experiences – supported by a hard work and strong back up of our professional and dedicated management team. We attest their time after time effort to step up their professionalism and render the best of services to the satisfaction of our customers.

It is our goal to always render the best of our services, better than all the rest ….! It is upon such ground and spirit, Tifar Holding Company has set up a challenging future oriented business and shall continue to move forward in quest of new frontiers. As a dynamic enterprise, Tifar Holding Company has extensively diversified its scope, size and focus of interest and investment, and is becoming of leading Indonesian premier group companies.

We spread our wings of expansion, ever stretching our comprehensive range of products and services, while not setting aside management consolidation.  Today we are covering various business activities among other : Hotel and Resort, Exclusive Villa and Resort, Property and Housing, Medical Service Center, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Local Television Broadcast and tour and travel.

Our pursuit of the Total Customer Satisfaction will never end, and we strive to achieve it by combining best skills, willpower and wealth of experience in a synergic force. Considering our strengths in many areas we feel confident that such objectives can be well maintained. The spirit behind all our end eavours is just one thing : our  commitment to excellence!